Born in Genova in 1979.
Sicardi began to study classical guitar in 1992, with Elisabetta Zachariadachis, and soon after with Prof. Claudio Passarotti, who involved him in a short tournée in 1996 with Passarotti's formation, named the "Ensemble de guitares".
These concerts touched south-American authors (H. Villa-Lobos, I. Albeniz) and completely different atmospheres (S. Joplin's ragtime).
Since 1996 Sicardi has been studying jazz and composing instrumental music.
In 1998 he moved to Milan, where he could play as guitarist (and singer) in jazz and south-American music groups.
Since 2000 he has been collaborating with Stefano Tessadri (Ciampi and MEI Prizes in 2006), as guitarist and, soon later, as arranger.
"Dietro ogni attesa" 2003 "Malocuore" 2006
Since 2003, Sicardi has been working with Stefano Piro (leader of the Lythium, winner, in 2000, of the quality prize at Festival di Sanremo) then Sicardi began a project where he could work as guitarist and arranger and it would bring them to release "Notturno Rozz" (2006).
Sicardi also worked as arranger in Folco Orselli's "La spina" (2004) and as guitarist in "Milano Babilonia" (2006), both produced by radio Lifegate (Milano).
He participated also as a guest, in December 2004, to "Barzizza Prize", that year getting together musicians such as Riz Ortolani (Career Prize), Riccardo Zegna, Lino Patruno.
In 2005 he recorded the live Cd "Molly Malone's" with Ottavo Richter, funk-latin-jazz band.
The band played its own music in theatres like Smeraldo, Delle Erbe, Fabbrica del Vapore, Auditorium Verdi (Milano).
Ottavo Richter played also in Ameno, Mantova (twice) and Bellano jazz/blues festivals.
July 2006: Sicardi was invited in Radio Classica "La pantera rosa - (The pink panther)" to comment "Il mestiere delle armi" soundtrack (director Ermanno Olmi, musician Fabio Vacchi).
Since october 2007 Sicardi has been teaching guitar and jazz guitar at "the International Academy of Music and Art", Monza -MI-.