Born in Milan in 1980
In the June 2008 he got a Diploma in Afro-Cubane percussion at CPM "European Music Institute" in Milan with the master Giorgio Palombino.
During his years of study in depth to the Popular Music with several artists:
Gilson Silveira(Brasil) for Percussion and Samba,
Walhid Hussein (Serbia) for Dabuka
Ilmi Hoxa (Albany) for Darbuka and Sopran Sax
Jovica Jovic (Serbia) for Darbuka and Sopran Sax
Rodolfo Guerra (Perý) for Congas and Timbales
He studied in particular afro-cuban percussion, Balkan Music and Medioriental Music and often collaborate with:
NeMaPrObLeMa Orkestar, in several countries Italia ,Turchia, Portogallo , Croazia.
I Muzikanti (2005-2008), trio of Rom Music and Balkan music.
Moreover he participated to the opening Goa-Boa festival 2008 with Dijana Pavlovic and Several shows on MTV "il testimone" with i Muzikanti "freedom to move" with the NeMaPrObLeMa. Orkestar.
More other collaborations with Giorgio Palombino, "Rose del deserto"
Roberto Durkovic and Sing Sing Festival.