Born in Sondrio in 1984
He began to study electric Bass in 2000 until the 2004 at the Civic School music of Sondrio, Electric Bass with Prof. Giovanni Croce and Prof. Luca Zugnoni, and theory of music with Ivan Azzetti, and harmony and arrangement with Prof. Corrado Stuffo and technical of sound with Luca Zugnoni.
From 2002 to 2003 Grasso took part in the "Musica Viva Jazz Sondrio Workshop" with Lucio Terzano, Sandro Gibellini, Mauro Beggio, Giulio Visibelli, Mauro Negri e Rachel Gould.
From 2005 to 2006 in depth its technique of Electric Bass with Prof. Daniele Sala and prof. Marco Xeres.
In the 2006 perfected its study with Civic courses at the "Jazz Academy International music of Milan" where he studied Electric Bass with the Master Mino Fabiano, and contrabass with Prof. Lucio Terzano, harmony with prof. Gabriele Comeglio, rhythm section with Prof. Tony Arco, theory with Prof Paolo Peruffo, and at the last story of Jazz with Prof. Maurizio Franco.


2000 Mr Hankey ( pop-rock ) One Dimensional Man and Diaframma as the best emergent band.
2001 Mr Hankey the Band is second to the competition "Prima Tappa"
2002 Articolo 18 ( ska-funk )
2003 Fifth Season ( prog-metal )
2004 Echoes ( Pink Floyd tribute band ) they supported:
Eldritch;Paco Garro Jr Trio ( jazz-samba ) and released a mini CD "Limoeiro"
2005 "Mirko e i Ribaltabili" ( sixty rock ) opening the 2005 Edition of "Rock and Rodes", recorded a Demo ; "Sign of Pain" ( trash metal ) Opening the edition of " SORock 2005 " they supported :SNP, Labyrinth
2006 Dog Day Afternoon ( ensemble blues-funk as player and arranger of music); Seth ( pop-rock cover band ) ; Alia ( rock-pop ); Donkeys Forever (Rolling Stones tribute band) ; Swing band Of Jazz Civic Courses of Milan direct from the Master Paolo Tomelleri;
2007 Donkeys Forever ,Recorded a demo at " i Massive Arts Studio di Milano"; Sensazioni Forti di Mirox ( Vasco Rossi tribute band ); turns in studio at "i Creativa Music Of Sondrio"
2008 Grassi has Started teaching Electric Bass and harmony at the school "ResMusica" in Milan, other collaborations with
Senso Unico ( 70-80 cover band ); Maki Trio ( nu jazz ); 4days ( Elisa tribute band ).