The project, with the album "Sentimento Latino", essentially tries to achieve two objectives:
  • Give an Italian color to "Latin Jazz, simplify as possible to the melodies of songs and improvisations in order to make them more visible and accessible to all;
  • Bring near as many people as possible to Latin Jazz, trying to bring into the music even a little of culture, traditions and sounds of our land.

Our album was officially presented in Mexico City in one of the most prestigious Show "Panorama of Jazz", conducted by the Award Winning Roberto Aymes, after many Countries, from Australia to India and from Japan to Canada, Venezuela, Argentina, etc..
In particular, we highlight:
  • Brazil, in the "Jazz Caravan" conducted by the writer, television host Ricardo Corte Real;
  • Russia, in the "Jazz Club" conducted by the great master George Garanian(1934-2010);
  • United States, in the "Jazz After Hours" which, according to Jazz Times, is one of the first 4 jazz programs across the country, it is broadcasted in 25 states through approximately 70 Radio conducted by the famous Jim Wilke.
This allowed us to gain the attention of many people in the industry, in 2009 we were also interviewed by the Brooklyn philosopher writer and Award Winning Luc Delannoy, key figure in the industry that has shown through his books the history of Latin Jazz from its origins to the present.

Musical Influences:
Through the album "Sentimento Latino" and the compositions of the artists involved, we want to give an example of fusion of cultures, the so-called 'transculturation'. This fusion is mainly due to two factors, one external and one internal.
The external factors are linked to individual musical experiences of each individual artist who has confronted with different cultures, ethnicities, styles, and influences due to foreign artists who came before us, starting with the Jazz, Blues, Pop to Latin Jazz ending at different musical interpretation.
The other factor, the inner one, which most characterize the merger, is linked to our culture and is influenced solely by our local folk music.

All this can be found in several of our compositions, for example the piece Navy Blue is linked to sea and "Tarantella Napoletana" from which it portrays our own subjective interpretation in the Latin form, and another song "Jealousy" born by a solo of "Marranzano", typical Sicilian regional instrument, ever used before now in Latin Jazz and the same musical movements of the piece recall old Sicilian ditties which led us to express a feeling with a smile, jealousy, that since the dawn of time, is identified with a single region, Sicily.
We have another example of a merger with regional folk music with the piece "Sentimento Latino" influenced by the popular music of Ciociaria, characteristic area of the Lazio Region. Key in Latin, of course, our music shows a modern and subjective interpretation of this Regional musical genre. In the past, this music was performed in local recurrences as the harvest, patronal feasts, weddings, etc.. and was passed down to reach the younger generation. In fact, even today, you can hear this musical genre through the local folk groups of Ciociaria. Although the origin of this musical form dates back to Gregorian chant, in time, it was influenced by other changes related to the poetic and musical compositions of light-regional character, carried on catchy tunes, which led this music to be ever more lively and quick in its movements.

  • Raffaele Kohler (trumpet, flugelhorn)
  • Alessandro Sicardi (Guitars)
  • David Marzagalli (Percussions)
  • Lino Grasso (Bass)

Composers :
  • Massimo Bove
  • Raffaele Kohler
  • Alessandro Sicardi